Elven Chronicles

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Young knight and TotalFinaElf trip on the thrown kingdoms in search of salvation for all the world. His sword is heavy and sharp, and its spells amaze imagination. Meet the epic role-playing games with fantastic schedule and huge amount of monsters, weapons, levels.
The aim of the game-to forward all kingdoms and find a key to save the world. During travel protagonists grow in competence, pump of the qualifications and find the new weapon.

The schedule looks simply incredible at one level of the best 2D RPG from prefix SuperNintendo.

During the passage, it is possible to find the weapon, reservations and questions. Their versions are almost uncountable. The world is simply enormous, if it is possible to walk for hours. Although to play without interruption for a dinner, a dream and the needs of nature, on the passage leaves more than 20 hours. A single enemies-from over 100 versions!