Mobile Starcraft – GHOST

Thursday, January 20, 2011

-GHOST of Mobile Starcraft is a thick gift to Minisoyo forum dedicated player and interstellar player to large mobile phone game. This mobile phone game success of transplanted scene element and its unit of interstellar to a tiny mobile phone screen.

For high performance allows mobile phone customer also detects medium and first makes the sound effect that makes acquaintance with but the shock again. Game development author is the author of the emulator JarJar whoami by Minisoyo mobile phone after post-treatment develop emulator, he began the creation of this game. The art to arrive from planned procedure, adopted by 5 months, COM Mobile Starcraft finally.

Actions and measures 1 has over 7 years, the old bird interstellar age take Korean, Zhao contestant Iloveoov wild beast interstellar meantime self-life interstellar of idol, the author not taboo in the most mysterious is the most scary Ghost that used in the Terran gameplay leading role, but the hostile square then make misappropriating being subjected to the protoss person's clan bullies first. The game took a ARPG form, describing a mission after 2027 performing on the road is down by enemy Li shotted to exercise a difficulty, I am the end offset direction Protoss tomb bass playing. Coda in the game, to familiarize pit plays to later on a transfer machine to fly from the mushroom cloud, staying hangs on reading aloud infinitely for everyone. Ring according to the author, sink a spiritual leader of the Zerg make impress will show up. The condition for three clan war becomes more powerful.

GHOST_LargeScreen-Nokia and Sony Ericsson model screen 240 x 320
GHOST_Nokia_S60 Nokia S60 176 x 208 model on the screen
GHOST_SonyEricsson K700 Sony Ericsson model of screen 176 x 220