Safety Manager v1.91 S60v3/v5

Thursday, January 20, 2011
Advertising security management software is a comprehensive mobile security, including killing rogue virus, firewall, Internet traffic monitoring, system optimization clean, filter spam, harassing telephone intercept, process, and manage the process of reviewing ratings themes, support to view the privacy and security mobile normal tasks other functionality to your mobile phone to provide a full range of security guards.

Major new features:

* 1, restart the regular tasks more time off, and so on.
* 2, it remains to add a record tapping blacklist.
* 3, add time adjustment function.

Secure management functions: angwangia

* Management processes;
* Director of the Internet;
*-Privacy Center;
*-Blacklist & whitelist;
*-Promotion tools;
* Optimal system;
* Register objection;
* — Combating Trojans;
* Call Assistant;
*-Security mode;
*-Security guard;
*-And others.

Change log:

* 1, modify the default ban a priority.
* 2, system optimization removes access point clear.
* 3, promote harmful component uninstall feature.
* 4, an expanded display information management program.
* 5, 5 Edition models feature sealed ring is invalid.
* 6, 12, arranged beauty mobile interface.

Note This means the program shortcuts
N = no
Y = Yes

Compatible with
For all phones 9.1/9.2/9.3 Symbian (S60v3) such as N73 N76 N81, N81, N95 8 GB, N82, N95 8 GB, etc.
9.4 all phones Symbian (S60v5) like N97, 5800 Xpress music, etc.