Motorola Atrix 4 G now available for $ 130, $ 500 with lapdock

Monday, February 28, 2011

Motorola Atrix 4 G is now available in the United States from multiple shops and predictable, the price of each store varies. Prices starting from $ 129.99 with an AT&T contract or you can go for the bundle with notebook dock is included.

Atrix CheapestMotorola 4 G offerings come from from Walmart-$ 129.99 with a new contract (starting from $ 59.99 per month). Next is the number of votes between Amazon and RadioShack, both of which offer phone at $ 149.99. Finally, you can get it directly from AT&T for $ 199.99 with 2 year plan from $ 39.99/month plus a required $ 15 per month (or more) data connection.

Before you expect to see which suits you best, you should consider getting the laptop dock (or "lapdock") bundled with Atrix 4 G for $ 499.99 from AT&T. you must download it onto a 2-year contract for a $ 45/month data plan. If you do not wish to receive the data plan Lapdock pricy only costs $ 499.99 and you need to get your phone separately.

RadioShack has Motorola Atrix 4 G with Lapdock bundle for a little less-$ 479.99. Please note that mail in rebates apply to some of these prices.

Decisions, decisions-you can check our practical from MWC to see if Lapdock is worth it, or perhaps multimedia, however, is better.

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