Leaked Dell 2011 roadmaps reveals Tablet PC and smartphone Lineups

Monday, February 28, 2011

Two Dell roadmaps for smartphones and tablets-leaked today shows all companies have planned to start in 2011. The leak is rather significant that encompasses all of Dell's Android and Windows devices are planned until Q1 2012.

WPCentral and Android Central was sent the roadmaps that seemingly leaked images from a Dell company confidential documents. It is interesting that the leaks mentioned operating system versions that have not been announced yet as Windows 7 and Android ice cream.

Dell has plans for his epic smartphone lineup. First is in the pack-Dell Wrigley a Windows phone 7 Next Gen device will the end of July or middle of August 2011. Next-Gen part may result in an updated version of Windows phone 7 OS, who knows. Smartphone will be powered by a processor at 1 Ghz and will extract a 4-inch touchscreen with WVGA resolution and will have an 8MP camera, 720 p video recording.

Then it displays a month later, in September, the more exciting Dell Hancock. It is a QWERTY slider that (hopefully) will be as powerful as superhero in the original movie. IT's going to run the latest version of Android, it is called Ice Cream (no Sandwich?), powered by a dual-core processor. Hancock should sport a 4-inch touchscreen with a resolution qHD, a 1.3 MP front-facing camera, and a back-flip camera 8MP, which can record full HD 1080p video.

Move further in the timeline will Dell Millennium. This ice cream run Android slate shares some of the specifications with Hancock it's planned with a dual-core CPU and the same camera setup. Millennium, however, has a large 4.3-inch touchscreen with qHD resolution and DLNA support and is expected for October-November release this year.

Dell won t takes a long time to join the Tablet war with full force. 10-inch Streak tablet in existing Dell army will be joined by Dell Sterling, Gallo, Rosemount, Opus one, Silver Oak and Peju.

Information about all of these slates are pretty thin boards, with information only about us of tablets available. But oh, boy, are they exciting or what!

Dell Peju, planned for early Q1 2012 launch, will run Windows 8! This year's Consumer Electronics Show in January, Microsoft announced that their future versions of Windows will support ARM-based mobile devices too. So far we haven; t heard an effective transition plan for Windows 8 but.

The Gallo (April 2011), Sterling (October 2010), Opus one and Silver Oak tablets running Honeycomb, which would mean that Google will stay with the name Honeycomb for all it's future tablet OS version of Android, but that's highly unlikely given the recent Android OS version name.

Dell Gallo will be a 10.1-inch slate and comes only in April 2011. IT's followed by Dell Sterling, who will have a 7-inch touchscreen and is planned for the fourth quarter of this year. 5-inch Dell Opus will in the first quarter of 2012 together with 7-inch Dell Silver Oak and 10-inch Peju, running Windows 7.

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