Sony Ericsson expects disruptions in supply, HTC reports all OK

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sony Ericsson released a statement which says that all its employees at two Tokyo Office is OK, but they expect problems with the supply chains. HTC statement one and say its operations were not affected.

Sony Ericsson is not the first company to announce asteroid activities because of the earthquake and tsunami, the region was hit with a large proportion of the world's electronics are made.

Sony Ericsson is evaluating the situation and seek secondary suppliers of parts and locations to transfer some of the component manufacture. The full amount of damages is not clear yet, but the company constantly monitors the situation and will keep traders and customers.

HTC, a statement, saying that their activities will not be affected by the Japan earthquake. They have a frame that taps a secondary supply chain in the event of a natural disaster.

HTC will keep an eye on developments in Japan and collaborate with their global supply chain and distribution partners to keep the business smoothly.

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