LG Optimus 2 X goes on sale, can be yours for $ 800

Saturday, April 23, 2011

LG Optimus 2 X transport has just started without any fanfare. Some online shops offer already smartphone so now is your chance to experience the Tegra power of 2. Recommended price goes, unfortunately, as high as $ 800, which is quite steep, even when the hardware inside it.

LG Optimus 2 X

Strangely enough, in view of their common mainstreamingverksamhet, LG issue not a press release, but Optimus 2 X already exists to orders on several online shops. You can get it in the United States from here or here for $ 800. It is actually a small fortune, but it is also the chance to be among the first users of a dual-core packaging smartphone.

Now if you do not pay early adoption fee will probably have to wait a few weeks to get a better deal. Amazon .de surprise phone for 480 (availability in one to three weeks), while the masses of air carriers have confirmed that they will offer Optimus 2 X.

Those of you who have made up their minds about LG's latest flagship still are welcome to check out our review.

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