Less expensive Apple iPhone

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Apple Cheaper iPhone

It appears that Apple is working on a series of cheaper products because they will not be limited to wealthy consumers to be able to develop a cheaper iPhone. Workers and shareholders did not stop asking Apple to explain their future plans after leaving for health reasons Steve Jobs Until Apple decides in. ärendetCookTom is the person who has assumed the management of the undertaking.

A few hours after the company had an event expected to announce the iPad, 2 Tom Cook, granted an interview with Business Insider, The replacement for Steve Jobs has confirmed that the company is working on an iPhone is cheaper.

Apple wants to increase the supply of to reach a wider audience. "We will not only for the rich or assign any market," he explains.In this line, the company declared Cook is planning to introduce its products in terms of deferred charges. They need more cost terminals because "the price is an important factor for the prepaid market."