Free Download Astro Android File Manager

Sunday, April 17, 2011
Astro File Manager is a Web browser and file manager for Android phones that lets you easily view and manipulate (copy, move, rename, delete, search) folders and files that are stored on the SD memory card or mobile phone. This Manager also serves to back up your programs, songs, videos, documents and other information that you want to copy to another drive to recover lost or stolen phone.

From Star you can see what this mobile applications processes and services is in the performance and can cancel any if you can't make conventional. You can see how much memory and CPU consumption of each of the listed processes. For folders that contain photos and images, you can access them and view them from this program with thumbnails (a gallery of thumbnail images). You can send a picture to use as Picasa, or attach to e-mail sent.

Another useful tool is the ability to compress zip files or TAR directly from File Explorer by selecting those who would like to compress. Astro File Manager 2.5.2, the latest version of the complete application for Android which can be downloaded free from the Android market (you must open a free account if you don't have one.) Click to get the application