Download Wormux free for Symbian and Android

Saturday, April 16, 2011
Download Wormux 11.01 a latest version game that runs on both Symbian ^ 3 mobile devices, Symbian S60 5th edition and on the Android operating system. It is played only with the touch screen and can not play with a keyboard. It is important to note that there is a large file and it takes approximately 20 minutes to install, plus some maps may consume excessive memory.

Download Wormux

Wormux is a game for phones with Symbian or Android based on the popular worms, except that instead of worms. The law consists of pet related to free software, such as Fox Firefox, the Linux Penguin Tux ded, elephant in PHP and many more characters.

Wormux can play multiplayers online to be able to work together with others who have access to the PC version (Windows or Linux), Mac or other mobile platform that is supported.The object is to defeat the other code, using all types of weapons available, and each team gets one turn at a specific time to attack enemies.

The program has multiple maps where battles take place consisting of different geographic locations. You can download this Symbian software and Android.