Download Space Monkey 2011 for mobile phones

Monday, April 18, 2011
Space Monkey 2011 is fun and adventure. This game has the situation that requires the cleansing of space junk and no cheaper and useful as money because he is ready to work only for bananas. So this space monkey will be provided by the cosmic spin which not only feature clean up all the junk and dangerous spread throughout space, but it can also remove all largest and ugly space enemies.

Space Monkey 2011

This brave monkey have step forward to deal with unwanted space compound with his cosmic spin but remember that if you spin it too much because it can make him sick.

Space Monkey 2011

Space monkey 2011 Mobile Game feature:
Unlike most of the mobile game out here gives an unprecedented innovation of puzzles and adventure experience ever in mobile gaming platform. This game has everything from good sound and picture to random space objects, and many more.The game starts varies according to the progress and how the object begin to change that allows you to experience levels of difficulty and gameplay. Your journey into space will be full of surprises and you can explore more life and various hidden objects in space. Next to these different functions and interesting gameplay adventures this game has very simple control. You do not need to deal with spin, catching and juggling.

Space Monkey 2011 Mobile Game Trailer