Asphalt 5 HD for the Nokia N8 free download

Monday, April 18, 2011
Asphalt is the best known racing game for mobile phones platform similar to NFS (need for speed) for PC. There are different types of asphalt games available for different OS as Java, Symbian, etc. But the latest version is available Asphalt 5 HD for the Nokia N8. This game is published by Gameloft for the Nokia N8 Symbian version 3. This is a great game with lots of functionality and appearance which drives you HD crazy. But the most exciting part is that the game is freely available for download.

Asphalt 5 HD for Nokia N8

Thought the free download of HD mobile gaming is available on the OVI store, so all you have to do is create your account on OVI store and retrieve it from your Nokia N8 smart phone. If you do not connect to this page from mobile then use your mobile phone and enter the keyword "Asphalt 5 HD" on the OVI store, and then you will find free HD game ranking in first place in the OVI store, Then and only download.

For your best is the size of this game about 140 MB of which is to use the data to download the mobile phones. As recommended, should either use the 3 G but the best is the WLAN if available.

Asphalt 5 HD for Nokia N8

If you've played asphalt game, you should already know that this is a game that includes outstanding tracks and cars from some the world's most prestigious brand. Asphalt 5 HD game features all over the world are manufactured with 29 stylist and certainly fast cars with songs at 12 different locations to all over the world.

There are two modes to play in this game, a single race that you can be considered even quick race where you only need to select the car and step into the race. And on the other hand, there are carrier mode which allows role-playing game by car. You will find various missions assigned to you and you have to do it one after another to complete the carrier and win the whole asphalt 5 HD game.

Asphalt 5 HD for Nokia N8

If you ask about the image, I would like to mention that it is so far the best graphical mobile game that I have ever played, especially on the Symbian platform. When you play the game like you almost you are either play it on iPhone or PSP. You can figure out just by knowing the size of this game is approximately 140 MB. Although this game is specifically built for the Nokia N8 smart phone so not how much the image reinforces this game works seamlessly in a very spectacular way.