Nokia C5-03 Illuvial like Pink, plays hard to find

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nokia Illuvial collection has quietly gained a new Member-Nokia C5-03. Phone database organization hasn't changed on the inside, but it has new makeup on the outside, with pink Stickers on the back and a matching wallpaper picture on the front.

Previous members of the line is Nokia Illuvial Pink 6303i, 6700, 6303 and 5530. They came with their own leather bag and straps in addition to their exterior prettified but seems to be the case with the Nokia C5-03, which only shows the Illuvial Pink edition as a color option.

Nokia C5-03 Illuvial Nokia C5-03 Illuvial Nokia C5-03 Illuvial
Nokia C5-03 Illuvial Pink

Nokia C5-03 Illuvial, Pink might still appeal to anyone's inner Barbie. Color aside, C5-03 has a 3.2 "nHD screen, 5MP camera, 600 MHz CPU, and Symbian S60 5th Edition to offer, along with a weight of environmentally friendly design.

The issue of regional availability is murky at best-our online research Ukraine and Bulgaria which returned the most likely places to get it right now.

If you find Nokia C5-03 Illuvial Pink on sale (or will soon) somewhere else, drop us a line in the comments.


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