Camera WiFi LiveStream v1.4 2.0 Android (Android Apps)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
HTC DROID ERIS, HTC Dream, Huawei, Huawei U8230 U8500, Huawei U8300, Huawei, Huawei U8220 U8100, U8110, Huawei in-mobile i858, in-mobile 8500, Philips V900, Philips V808, T-Mobile G1, T-Mobile myTouch 3 G slide, T-Mobile myTouch 3 G, T-Mobile pulse, T-Mobile Garminfone, T-Mobile pulse MiniT-Mobile G2 Touch, T-Mobile myTouch 3 G Fender Edition, Vodafone 845, ZTE, ZTE X 850, ZTE U X 850

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Requirements: ANDROID: 1.6 and up
Overview: Stream video and audio directly from the camera via a WiFi network, Android!

Stream video and audio from camera Android device directly into your Wi-Fi networks in real time, to be viewed and controlled remotely using a Web browser. Can be used as a baby monitor, a serious monitoring device or just for fun!

What will you LiveStream?
* BEST application available on LiveStream Android market! *
1. Stream real-time live video from your camera, Android phone to a Web browser.
2. very simple to use for all-no configuration needed.
3. remotely control the camera! Take pictures or videos in a Web browser.
4. Hide mode and touch screen lock so that your phone cannot be identified.
5. requires Java on the web browser your computer.
6. Advanced settings to adjust performance.
7. choice of streaming resolutions.
8. only using a WiFi network — does not support 3 G.
9. Lots more features in development, including support for streaming audio!
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Part of SECuRET range of camera programs:
-SECuRET SpyCam is a movement that triggered the camera.
-SECuRET LiveStream is a wifi streaming camera other programs.
-SECuRET RemoteControl is a camera controlled by SMS.
If you have problems using this application on your network WiFi, it is probably a configuration issue with your router/network. Contact me if you have any questions and I can probably help you ... but not graduating low because the network is not configured properly-that is not my fault

What is the latest:
NEW audio LiveStreaming!
Rename the Save folder
Updated icons for clarity on the market


Note: This program may not work with all phones listed above