AppMonster Pro v2.0.3 Android (Android Apps)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
HTC DROID ERIS, HTC Dream, Huawei, Huawei U8230 U8500, Huawei U8300, Huawei, Huawei U8220 U8100, U8110, Huawei in-mobile i858, in-mobile 8500, Philips V900, Philips V808, T-Mobile G1, T-Mobile myTouch 3 G slide, T-Mobile myTouch 3 G, T-Mobile pulse, T-Mobile Garminfone, T-Mobile pulse MiniT-Mobile G2 Touch, T-Mobile myTouch 3 G Fender Edition, Vodafone 845, ZTE, ZTE X 850, ZTE U X 850

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Requirements: Android
Overview: Application manager for android.

Backup, restore, and manage your apps. Helpful after phone Reset or switch to a new phone, and downgrade to older versions of the app.

Quick and easy app management:
* Automatic (quiet) backup on the new app installs
* Instant uninstall and install from SD card
* Batch-backup and restore
* Backup/restore. apk-install files or links on the market
* Access to extended android functions which cache, app2sd
* Sort by name, date, size,
* Show Appdetails as AdMob, protected
* Export market links by email, Twitter, Facebook
* Multiple version backup

The first program manager for Android, since 03. March 2009 on the market

Languages: English, German, Russian, Spanish

Many thanks to Spanish translation group from

Latest changes:
Version 2.0.1
Version 2.0.2
no more sound/vibrate notifications (Visual only)
settings for messages
Version 2.0.0 major redesign
Notify if you just installed the app can be moved to SD
Mark apps that can be moved to SD
improved loading procedure
batch backup/restore procedures revised
improved multiple-version-backup management
memory, a new design
Spanish translation

Note: This program may not work with all phones listed above