aJailBreak v1.70 Android (Android Games)

Saturday, March 5, 2011
Huawei U8300 U8500, Huawei, Huawei, Huawei U8220 U8100, U8110, Huawei in-mobile i858, i-mobile 8500, Philips V900, Philips V808, T-Mobile G1, T-Mobile myTouch 3 G slide, T-Mobile myTouch 3 G, T-Mobile pulse, T-Mobile Garminfone, T-Mobile pulse Mini, T-Mobile G2 Touch, T-Mobile myTouch 3 G Fender Edition, Vodafone 845, ZTE, ZTE, ZTE X 850 X 850 U

Supplied by unknown

Requirements: All Android versions.
Overview: From decision-makers a Shoot an Apple and try to Spank Booty prison break within 14 days in this game.

Kids in preference mode.
All sexy 18 + pics will be hidden in kids mode. (?)

I am innocent, someone put me in jail.
I am smart, it's easy to jailbreak.

Note: this game may not work with all phones listed above