Tron Legacy free mobile game download

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tron Legacy is the latest mobile games based on newly released Walt Disney movie. If the game is inspired by the movie, you will experience a major combat racing in totally different 3D light cycles never seen before. In this game is far more important than just a win, this is a survival of the race. You will compete against the recognizer, tanks and light cycles. Unlikely ordinary racing game which follows the line is the only way to win the contest, in the faith Legacy, you will have to destroy your enemies by throwing your identity disc that increases your score and make you a champion of the grid. This game will let you experience a visually stunning universe that you haven't seen or imagined before and that you'll compete by upgrading you defense and reaching towards the finishing line.

DownloadGame for Nokia S60v3 or similar phone with a screen resolution of 240 X 320