The increase of the lost Empire

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The increase of the lost Empire is mobile war strategy game where you can raise your armies, building your cities and make strategies for the war against your enemies and opposing forces. In order to taste your Empire victory, you must perform well not only on the battlefield but also in your Empire. You can build the Empire can can give good soldiers is possible if your Empire has everyone in any requirements that may require a fully built Empire.

This mobile game has a story and your game will begin at the time when the darkness has not achieved a victory against the light and the light has already destroyed the gate of hell but howls of Orcs can be heard and it is the sign that says good time is on the way to go because Hell gate reconstruction of the dark forces. A new war is about to begin.

Free Download Rise of The Lost Empire for mobile phone and play on either side is either bright or dark.

As a true war strategy game will take you over to build cities, lead armies, manage your empire, etc.The game includes two campaign with both human and Orcs that includes more then 20 missions. Easy to pick up and play: build a city, or lead an army with just a few clicks.There are more then 20 unit for control and the other 20 for construction purposes. Play with enormous strength and magic power with your 6 heroes who will lead your armies.Digitized voices: hearing your troops respond to the request of his master.

Download for Nokia S60v3 mobiles phones and other Download for Nokia phones with screen resolution 320 × 240