Free Nokia 5230 Top 10 games

Monday, February 14, 2011

Although we know that Nokia 5230 is just an entry level smartphone and so called cut version of the Nokia 5800 but it's not that it cannot support the latest and best games. In fact Nokia 5230 supports Java and Symbian games including motion sensors.

See top 10 mobile games exclusively for Nokia 5230

OVI maps Racing:
You might have played different types of racing games but Ovi maps Racing will change your experience because here is where you are in your own home town street with your Nokia 5230 GPS feature. Apart from using your site as a track, you can also ride in every corner of the world.

High speed 3D Lite:

This is the best 3D racing game that includes 20 tracks and nine cars that support adaptation, which includes both technical and physical such as nitrous booster and colors etc.

Dungeon Quest:
If you want to play RPG will then you love this because this game contains interesting missions that will take you to the unusual challenges. You can also connect this fantasy game with Facebook and enjoy the exciting fight with different weapons available. Nokia 5230 lacks Wi-Fi, but you can still use the 3 G feature to overcome.

BioShock Lite:
In the same way as the PC game BioShoc Some mobile version is also large. If graphics are not very attractive but the game is interesting.

Sudoku cube Lite:

Sudoku cube Lite is very interesting cube game that takes you into a mystical world of nine-cube. This game supports both touch and non touch phones, and good for Nokia 5230.

M.U.M. U judgment free of charge:

This game takes you to adventures in the future world that survives after doomsday fire and a new era begins. The situation is so strange that people transform into animals and animals to humans. Scariest situation occurs when you get stuck in the Middle, a deadly trap set by mutant dogs transformed in to cunning creatures.

M: Mafia:
In this game you will play a character of a mafia who are working for Don. In this game you need to collect all the mafia strategies you have picked from movies and make it work.

Cube Touch: Match:

This is the game where you can do more on the touch screen feature mobile as Nokia 5230. In this highly addictive game you match full color cubes.

ZumZum is quite interesting game where you must match and destroy multi-color balls.

Womans Touch:

But this is just a traditional checker game but it is specially design for touch screen phones like Nokia 5230.