Elop says Nokia will put downward pressure on prices, fast Windows phones

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop is over headlines these couple of weeks. First announce alliance with Microsoft and Windows phone 7, now says that the WP7 phones get a price slashes big time.

Windows phone 7 smartphones is certainly not the cheapest around. Microsoft's strict hardware requirements do not give room for cheaper phones.

In a recent statement said Elop makes it possible to one of the main topics of arrangements between Nokia and Microsoft to lower prices of smartphones, which will facilitate the hope for the selected users more affordable Symbian smartphones.

It is important for Nokia to ensure that its Symbian users aren't left in a disadvantageous position by SHIFT in software. Nokia's primary goal is to convert them to the new smartphone platform instead of sending them in Droid mark.

Elop also said that the deal with Microsoft and Nokia will be completed within the next few months, so we will probably hear even more juicy details about the future devices to come out in this partnership.


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