T-Mobile confirms officially Galaxy's 4 G and Sidekick droids

Thursday, January 27, 2011

T-Mobile United States has officially confirmed two new 4 G droids joins their lineup-Galaxy's 4 G and T-Mobile Sidekick. Unfortunately, all artwork, we have a leaked image with a few blurry shots.

While the two phones are part of an official T-Mobile press release, are details about their specifications rather scarce. Have both HSPA + connection (not 4 G strictly speaking), it runs the Android and both "coming soon" but that's about it.

We saw earlier Galaxy's 4 G leak that T-Mobile pulse 4 g. So its specifications are not much of a mystery-are they likely to be the same as the rest of the Galaxy S handsets, except 4 G connection in the form of 21Mbps HSPA + worth.

For T-Mobile Sidekick things are much more vague-Sidekicks produced originally by a company called dramatically danger, but later they were acquired by Microsoft and was commissioned to create the disastrous kin phones.

It's official that the new Sidekick run Android (instead of the old Sidekick OS). It is not clear who will do it-but from the blurry shot it sure looks like Sprint's EVO 4 G by HTC SHIFT.

T-Mobile will add a pair of Android tablets, Dell streak 7 and T-Mobile G-slate Tablet PC, which will run honeycomb.

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