Survellient v1.0 iPhone iPodTouch iPad (iPhone, iPodTouch iPad Games)

Friday, January 28, 2011
Surveillant is a crisp and elegant Reinvention of old skool "classic," The Sentinel ". With simple human vs. computer gaming represents each level a purely physical challenge, heightened by the moments of high voltage sinister CCTV Camera sweeps its arc of warm red destruction.

Movement is free as long as you can see your landing point clear-just TILT to turn and TOUCH SCREEN to jump to a new position. Attempt to get higher, but avoid exposing yourself and show.

The need for stealth matched perfectly to the subtle, ambient sounds. The sound of the wind builds which player elevates and whine of laser work shifts the rate at which the beam strikes a variety of surfaces. With headphones on the feeling of beam passing close enough to raise the hairs on the back of your neck and that makes you jump, spotted also repeatedly.

Music (of Vector lovers) used sparingly: Title Theme, a beautiful ambient loop on the level Select screen haunting chords and a sinister and hypnotic jam song "Carousel" level.


10 levels (levels are designed, not formally generated and there will be more in the next free update!)

Tense retro-inspired game

Intuitive Accelerometer-based controls

Stunning 3D effects

Atmospheric sound