Sharks or die mobile game

Thursday, January 20, 2011
Sharks or die mobile game

Keep making that humans bad shark fin soup, so it's time to turn the tables! Convert to predator Ocean; avenge your relatives and pick up anything in your jaw comes from powerful bite: swimmers, rubber ducks babes Beach and more. See the seabed as strike this deadly hunters with chilling speed and efficiency and even eat up your friends!
Delicious! Collect achievements to allow your feed up to new levels. To discover new capabilities instincts, personal training kilbointes giving some your feisty fish and make it more dangerous. Compare your scores with those of your friends, and enjoy pure horror era rankings haiskori!


Game for Nokia S60v3 mobiles:

-Screen resolution 240 × 320

Working on N73 N75 N76, N77, N81, N82, N93 N93i N95, E50, E51, E65, 5700, 6110, 6120, 1216, 6410, 6500.

-Screen resolution 320 × 240

Working on E61 E61i E62, E71

Game for mobile phones Nokia S60v5:.

-Screen resolution 360 x 640

Works on music Express 5800, N97

Game for mobile phones Nokia S40:.

-Screen resolution 128 x 160 – series 40 3rd Edition

Working on Nokia 6111, 6086, 6164, 5200, 6085, 6151, 2865i, 2865, 6136, 3500 classic, 3109 classic



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Game 750i k

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