Puzzle 2 (240 x 400)

Friday, January 28, 2011
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M6710 Beat DISC (Motorola) A1210, VE75 KP500 Cookie (LG), GD510 Pop, KU990 Viewty, Viewty GM360 Snap, GT505, KM570 Cookie Gig, GT400 Viewty Smile, Cookie Fresh GS290, GW520, GW520 Cookie 3 g, GW525, GW520 Calisto, InTouch Plus, KC910 Renoir, KM555E, GD580 Lollipop GX500,, Vu Plus GS500 Cookie Plus KS660,, SU920, GM750, KP501 Cookie, KC910i Renoir, GT500 Puccini, Eigen GM730, KH3900 Joypop KE850 Prada, Prada KF900,, Town GT350, KP502 Cookie, Xenon, Scarlet, KU2100, KB775, KE990 Viewty, Incite CU915 Vu, KT770, KB770 (Acer) beTouch E 101, E1, beTouch E100, beTouch E200, L1, M930 (Asus), (GB) of GSmart S1205, (Haier) U69, K3, (i-mobile) TV658 Touch & Move, (Mitac) MIO Explora K75, MIO Explora K70 (Pantech), P4000, Impact, Ease, (Philips) X712, X809, X703, 606, Xenium K600, X605, Xenium X 830, Xenium K700, Xenium X 800, X810, X806, (Sagem) P9522 Porsche, 825SH (Sharp), (T-Mobile) Vairy Touch II, Sidekick LX, and Sidekick, (Vertu) Constellation Ayxta, (Vodafone) 547, 360 M1, (ZTE) F952

Supplied By kriker

Download Samsung s8300 Version

Download Samsung i900 Version

Note: This Game May Not Work With All Of The Phones Listed Above