Nokia Symbian ^ 3 E6-00 leaks a QWERTY-bar with a VGA screen?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A leaked Nokia XML and a Picasa album confirmed the existence of a new Nokia smartphone. Nokia E6-00 is a Symbian ^ 3 device with an 8 megapixel camera, dual Leds as surprising assisted will extract a VGA display.

All Symbian ^ 3 devices so far has come with nHD resolution (640 x 360 pixels), which is somewhat lower than VGA (640 x 480 pixels). OS limitation was quoted the reason for this, but perhaps Nokia is to find a way around it.

The second known Nokia E6-00 specs include 3 G with HSDPA, Wi-Fi and stereo speakers. Rumor has it that the phone will come in the traditional bar form factor and will extract a QWERTY keyboard, but right now we can not confirm either of those.

Shot on the left is only a quick mockup so do not take it too seriously. We still don't know how the device will look like. Picasa account which confirmed the existence of the phone, the host only some camera tests with EXIF list of the new Nokia phone as a webcam. At the moment all the images from your account has been deleted, but some of them have been copied here.

An announcement at MWC next month seems likely, so we suppose we'll find out fairly soon.

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