LG Optimus black with interchangeable back covers

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Can you imagine a phone that is called ' Optimus Black "that looks like white, pink or even?

Regardless of the answer, LG's recently announced Android 2.2 smartphone has optional, interchangeable back plates that users can customize the look and feel – so, Yes, we can actually see Optimus black units in pink.

According to Pocket-lint, said a LG official that "one of the biggest complaints we have is that smartphones are also similar and too male." Of course, that's why the company decided to offer pluggable back covers for the new Optimus.

An added layer of security (unspecified color) may be included in the phone retail box – and users who want even more covers will need to buy them.LG Optimus black is currently the world's thinnest smartphone, as well as the first to have a Nova screen –-the brightest, sharpest and most readable among mobile screens with 700 nits brightness for optimal visibility. The phone will be available globally in the first half of the year.

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