LG announce Optimus 3D and 3D tablets at MWC 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A leaked image of Nvidia reveals that the 3D-compatible version of the Tegra 2 platform goes into mass production. LG registers the domain lgoptimus3d. nl. LG Optimus 3D yet unannounced appearance at the Dutch The Phone House Web page. And so here comes this invitation to press conference LG MWC reading Into the new Dimension. Do you see the pattern?

Okay Let's roll back a bit. Back at CES 2011, LG showed a 4.3 "3D mobile display and promised that we will see it on a working phone sooner than we might think.

Then GSMpedia stumbled on a placeholder for a phone called the Optimus 3D at The Phone House Web site and found that the Benelux branch of LG has registered the domain lgoptimus3d. nl. Just as they did with lgoptimus2x. nl shortly before Optimus 2 X official introduction.

And the silhouette of the invitation is almost identical to one of Optimus 2 X (see below). Since it was already announced, will of course notify a LG device with nearly identical design, without enough novelty has become the event Centre. You know, like a 3D display, perhaps.

This will ultimately this tipster falling us one line says next Optimus 2 X will pack a pair of 8 megapixel cameras that allows you to capture 3D images and a 3D viewer to browse them. yea, we initially laughed too. We feel stupid now.

And finally, yesterday, we received this leaked slide from Nvidia, which confirms that a 3D compatible version of the Tegra 2 platform is just about to enter mass production.

At this time, we couldn't be more convinced that LG will announce a 3D-capable smartphones at MWC. But it's not "we're pretty sure we will have a 3D tablet go with it too.

You see, LG has already confirmed that they are working on a Tegra 2-based Tablet PC. By chance, was an LG Tablet PC in a Korean music video, sporting two rear-facing cameras. We rest our case.

We know it is all a conspiracy theory at the moment, but we assume that it is never too late for LG smartphone games and their very own Congress.

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