Google brings real-time voice translation to your Android phone

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Everyone loves Sci-Fi technology, but it is cool to see it happening in the real world. This is the case with the new Google Translate for Android, which is about to break the language barrier and change our world forever.

OK, so are well exaggerated, but imagine a world where everyone speaks its own language and the others understand him well (Farscape fans suck here). This is not what the current Google Translate is doing, but it is the first step to technology, so it is important.

The latest version of Google translate for Android includes the experimental conversation mode, currently only operates between English and Spanish. You hit the microphone and speak English icon, and then your words are translated and spoken in Spanish (or vice versa).

Google Translate has a new look for, but we are assured of the most interesting part will be in conversation mode. In an earlier demonstration, Google showed it working between English and German, so we guess other language updates will follow shortly.

Updated app available for Android 2.1 and above units and you can download it from the market immediately.


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