Four new Samsung La Fleur phones, two of which with Bada

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Samsung expands the rule La Fleur in Russia. Two Bada phones will be Adorned with typical floral motif on the fashionable line 723-Wave and Wave 525. Two feature phones too, to the line connecting two redecorations of existing models.

La Fleur line is not about new models, it focuses on adding a touch of style to existing models instead. Women are in general audience, but Samsung says men to look away-these phones may prove to be a nice gift.

The four La Fleur extensions: Wave 723, Wave, E2530 and 525 C3530

Samsung S7230 Le Fleur Wave 723 has the same characteristics as its looks dull counterpart, including the metal back. The phone is painted in pink, with a black frame around the screen and white flower Decal on front and back. La Fleur Wave 723 will cost 12,990 rubles (320 or $ 435).

Other Bada phone in the new lineup is Samsung S5250 La Fleur Wave 525. Its specifications are the same as the regular Wave 525 and it is all white with pink stickers. The price is 8,990 rubles (220 or $ 300).

The other two phones bearing the name La Fleur is two feature phones, as some low end elegance. Samsung La Fleur C3530 bar and Samsung La Fleur E2530 clamshell has modest specs but also a very accessible price-5,990 rubles ($ 150 or 200) and 3,990 rubles ($ 100, or 133) respectively.

These four handsets are expected to descend upon the Russian markets this February. There is no info about Samsung is planning to expand the line to other markets, but we assume they will touch on in Eastern Europe as well.

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