European wars 2 v1.1 1 iPhone, iPodTouch iPad (iPhone, iPodTouch IOS games)

Monday, January 31, 2011
European wars 2 is a new style strategy games on the background of WW (Super Risk).In the game, depending on the troops you can compete on the territories of countries, cities and oceans, additional resources, develop the economy and military, conquer enemies capitals and destory enemies.There are 28 European countries, including more than 200 land and maritime borders of the areas, you can choose 12 countries from the powers of the axis and allies while enjoying types of game modes.

During the game, you need to operate and distribute the three fundamental forces reasonably soldiers, tanks and artillery.(Soldier force with high returns but General attacks, tank troops with high attack and continue operation when complete destroy enemies, artillery troops attacking soldier troop and tank troops while they don't rebound), assess the situation correctly at any time for AI is outstanding.The attributes of the weapons are different from each country.For example, the idea of Germany's most powerful but with high prices, a soldier in the Soviet Union is cheapest, Navy in the United Kingdom is best.

In the game, you must use military cards to work together to battle.
-Soldier Card (producing soldier troops)
-Idea cards (producing tank troops)
-Artillery cards (producing artillery troops)
-Battleship cards (take action at sea)
-Fortress card (cannot move and attack in 3 rounds but improve defend)
-Construction (construction of territories, to improve the taxes, the highest level can draft the army troop)
-Airstrike cards (Air attack enemy of adjacent territory)
-General Card (equip a general to the troop for enhancing the attacking power)
-Marshal Card (equip a marshal to the troop for enhancing the defending power)
-Particular card (owned by Germany, the Soviet Union, United Kingdom, France, Italy and is used only one time for each 7 rounds.)

Includes two modes: conquest and battle mode

Conquest mode: select a country from 12 of the powers conferred on the axis and allies to dominate Europe, The second will be your allies, enemies and neutral.
Battle mode: the main line to 4 countries (Germany, United Kingdom, France, the Soviet Union), 16 battles for the game.

Chapter 1 Blitzkrieg
Chapter 2 the Maginot line
CHAPTER 3 Operation Barbarossa
Chapter 4 on top in Europe

United Kingdom
Chapter 1 England channel
Chapter 2 North Africa
CHAPTER 3 the battle of Berlin
Chapter 4 battle in Eastern Europe

Chapter 1 defend the motherland
Chapter 2 the battle of the Apennine
CHAPTER 3 battle of the Balkans
Chapter 4 battle in Eastern Europe

The Soviet Union
Chapter 1 defend in Moscow
Chapter 2 Counter Attack
CHAPTER 3 duel
Chapter 4 on top in Europe

Magnificent struggling music and sounds can make you feel empowerment.

-conquest and battle mode
-more than 200 territories
-28 warring States
-30 millitary troops
-15 millitary card
-5 levels
-17 runs

What's new in Version 1.1

-bug fixes
-improved sound engine