Amstrad CPC emulator for Symbian S60v3

Thursday, January 20, 2011
S60-CPC is an Amstrad CPC emulator for Symbian S60 devices.

I Ported S60 2nd Edition and 3rd edition devices Kokak.
Adjustment history is something complicated. Quote from Kokaks Web site: "it is based on WIN-with Ludovic Deplanque CPC for core emulation. The most important architecture based on those of EDoom by Peter van Sebille, a Doom Port for Symbian UIQ (which I partially ported to S60). "
I met some drivers, Ported from EMame more, and now have a working! I have also added qwerty and multitap input.

Current Version: 0.01

What is the latest
Ported to S60 3rd edition.
Multitap emulation.
Now to work from the phone memory or MMC.
ROM and disk files are moved to \Data\s60cpc
Reformulated blit routines for higher resolutions.
"No rotation" option.

Not working hours/planned
Application Icon.
QWERTY keyboard.
The Nokia E90 starts the emulator does not.
Download files directly from nvg. (maybe)
Better front-end.

Amstrad CPC emulator for Symbian S60v3