Download Be Free or Die v1.1 java game

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Download Be Free or Die v1.1 java game

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Be Free or Die v1.1

Be Free or Die v1.1 | 20.8 MB

You are a guy, an ordinary guy who lives in an ordinary city. That is, until a zombie apocalypse comes and invades the city. As you are exploring different places, you find out that NO ONE is alive except these horrid zombies. You also find a few guns that become useful to your aid. With these weapons, you have one mission: Kill All Zombies. And if you fail, the city will be conquered and you will fall to shame. The world lies upon your very hands...

Play in up to 5 different environments where you will slay multiple zombies using a variety of weaponry. Featuring adjustable controls and a variety of control schemes this game aims to please your zombie killing instinct! Be prepared for some awesome haunting graphics, terrifying sound effects, and spooky music for your horror fill! Play in various environments from mazelike city streets to open areas in a haunted graveyard!


-Bosses at the end of every level

-Impressive 3D graphics

-Five different levels each with their own objective to Complete

-Multiple weapon types

-Different music tracks (Or no music to listen to your own music)

-Recently Updated controls. Check Options and choose which suit you.

-Sensitivity adjustment for controls

-Four Different Control schemes to fit every gamer!

-An experience unparalleled on the App Store!

Upcoming Updates

- Improved Storyline!

- More Weapons!

- More Levels!

- Different Zombie Types!

- Open feint integration

- Features based on your feedback!

- And much more!

If you're really up for this challenge, put some headphones on and play the game. The zombies will be waiting for you.... and don’t forget to bring your assault rifle!

What's new

* Background game music ( 3 different types)

* Alternative controls schemas (4 different types)

* New extra weapon (see game Extras)

* Overall fixes

Be Free or Die v1.1


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