Download 4 MObile Antivirus for Nokia S60: 6600 - 7610 - 3650 - 6620

Friday, January 22, 2010

Download 4 MObile Antivirus for Nokia S60: 6600 - 7610 - 3650 - 6620

4 MObile Antivirus for Nokia S60: 6600 - 7610 - 3650 - 6620 - 6630 -6680 - N70 - N80 - N90

Choose any antivirus for you mobile phone!!

McAfee.VirusScan.Mobile.v1.11.Virus.Definition.1.1 .3

Netqin MObile Antivirus 2.0.42

Netqin antivirus 2.0.42 full with latest definations. along with Netqin uninstaller
and Nrtqin commandwarrior tool.

Compatible devices: All s60 phones.

With latest definations

Software Description :

NetQin mobile phone manufacturers system is a network Qin world Technology Ltd Beijing
section smart mobile phone manufacturers to develop software for smart mobile phone users
with comprehensive virus users, the software has the following main functions and features :

1. Simple, easy-to-use interface :

NetQin mobile phone manufacturers system interface concise aesthetic design fully into
the habit of using mobile phone users, users without complex operation can achieve the
corresponding functions, and ensure system security.

2. Comprehensive rapid passive scanning :

NetQin mobile phone manufacturers the core system using original virus scanning engine
"nuclear" features tiered shine upon technology, thus allowing for an accurate
comprehensive mobile phone users designated storage space for virus scanning, do not leave
without misstatement to ensure that mobile phones can now relax your information security. At the same time, taking into account the resource constraints and capacity constraints mobile phone in scanning algorithms and strategies for an effective optimization at the lowest power consumption for scanning. Static scanning software also considered the process of the software world, in the scanning process, the user may at any time suspend a cease operation, and users of other mobile phones can be a normal operating fully embodies products humanization.

3. Immediate accurate monitoring :

NetQin mobile phone manufacturers to network interface system can, documents for
real-time monitoring system. Full stop from secession, Caixin, Laya, infrared, GPRS and
other security threats, the first time that the virus attacks and clearly, from users about.

4. Security and virus removal :

NetQin patch system has a mobile phone safe and effective patch strategy can be found
to remove the virus completely accurate, simple to operate user machine, the virus can be cleared.

5. Document security without rehabilitation :

NetQin patch system has a mobile phone company pioneering the repair shop documentation
function can do for the rehabilitation of 1,803 documents without documents to ensure
that documents can still be repaired after normal use. Thus, users no longer important
document infection and worried that the use of paper repair functions will ensure the
safety of your important documents.

6. Timely economic online update :

Qin world with the mobile network, Unicom, operator maintained close cooperation can be
achieved through a variety of means for virus database updates. While updating information
on downloading data compression processing high compression rates, to the maximum extent
possible to reduce the cost of communications users, the most economical cost to users
create security solutions.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile 2.0.55 Release Candidate

Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Mobile 2.0 protects smartphones from malicious programs and
unwanted messages, and provides the following features:

* Real-time protection of the smartphone's file system against malicious applications.

* On demand or scheduled scans of file system objects stored either on your smartphone
or on memory extension cards.

* Secure isolation of infected objects in quarantine.

* Updating of the antivirus databases used to detect malicious applications and delete
unsafe objects.

* Blocking of unwanted SMS and MMS messages.

The user can customize Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile settings, monitor current protection
status, and view application logs with the results of application activities.

The application has an easy-to-use menu and a user-friendly interface.
What's new in the Release Candidate

The following features have been added since the release of version 2.0

* interception and scan of files, before they are copied;

* activation via HTTP

* scan of memory cards when installed;

Activation Code is inside the RAR file of Kaspersky in the Main RAR file.

Symantec Security 4.0.41 MultiLanguage FULL
and Symantec Updates/Virus Definitions


Symantec Mobile Security Virus Definition - April|13|2007

Keep the auto-protect & Firewall 0FF
before applying Updates please !!
Extract .zip file for
savce.def & script.dis
Copy and Paste {overwrite}
them to C:\system\Apps\symcs

.sis file also Attached for Direct Installation [Keeping the auto-protect & Firewall 0FF]

I'm not sure if they work with every Nseries phone.



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