Monsters Vs. Aliens download free

Thursday, March 12, 2009
Monsters Vs. Aliens download free
Monsters Vs. Aliens

In Sjuzan Murphy, the girl from California, directly the meteorite full of any rubbish from space therefore it suddenly starts to grow gets to day of its wedding and grows to fifteen metres. Disturbed by occurrence of the new monster, military men get down to business at once: Sjuzan catch and take away on confidential governmental base. There it rename in Gigantiku and lock together with other monsters: ingenious, but nasekomogolovym the doctor of sciences the Cockroach; brutalnym rybochelovekom on a nickname the Missing Link; zhelepodobnym and not killed. O.Bom and hundred-metre Nasekomozavrom. However, their imprisonment lasts not for long: the Earth attacks inoplanetnyj the robot, and the despaired President, having given in to arrangements of general Vojakera, sends an ill-matched command of monsters on rescue of a planet from inevitable destruction.

Language: the English
Screen: 128x128, 240x320
Size: 1.2 Mb
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