Galaxy on Fire 2 download free

Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Galaxy on Fire 2 download free
Galaxy on Fire 2

Galaxy on Fire 2 is an adventure space game of ekstraklassa with grandiose battles, enthralling subject and long geympleyem!

Features of game:
are the distant worlds of Galaxy with to ten of the planetary systems, by unique planets and space stations in 3d
- keen space battles with the use of the different gun systems and by keen breathing explosive effects
- a booty of ore is in the dangerous and changeable asteroid fields
- three-dimensional map for a navigation into the planetary systems and temporal gate for jumps in other planetary systems of Galaxy
- great number of different types of ships, gun systems for strengthening of your ship, and also free trade and independent production of commodities
- on space Centers you have a chance to become acquainted with adroit smart dealers, ekstraodinarnymi aliens and representatives of shadow structures, to get tasks and begin to work credits

Welcome to the world of Galaxy On Fire™ 2, long-awaited continuation is frequent the recipient of an award space action-igry for your mobile telephone! Probe the keen world of Universe and open on your own all its secrets and dangers in a game with shocking three-dimensional graphic arts and unprecedented depth of geympleya!

Hero of the first episode of game, Keyt of T. Maksvell, drifts in time and space after the failure of giperdvigatelya of his spaceship. He wakes up after 35 earthly years in changing Universe: an unknown enemy through temporal tunnels gets to Galaxy and attacks the planetary systems!

A fate of Galaxy is in your hands! you must win over a new enemy and recover balance of powers. And will help you herein your old friends from the pas. In your order new generations of spaceships are with the radically improved armament and equipment. Give orders to the patrol for support in a fight, and when it will become too hot, take the place after an instrument.

Language: English
Screen: Mul'tiskrin SE and 240x320 (Nokia N95)
Size: 2.8 Mb

Download: uploadbox
Download: letitbit
Download: depositfiles


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