Frozen bubble, Symbian / download free

Thursday, March 5, 2009
Frozen bubble, Symbian / download free
game for mobile phone
Frozen bubble, Symbian

Purpose of game: to hammer together all marbles, being above a penguin. A penguin shoots varicoloured marbles from a cannon, at a hit on a group from trkh or more than marbles of that color, marbles fall downward. At play marbles, being above a penguin, are gradually displaced downward, and achievement by them low bound of the playing field means a loss. Fully to lose in it is impossible, it is possible only to lose a separate level — thus you begin him anew.

Language: English
Screen: 176x208 Os9 240x320 Os9
Size: 1.1 Mb
download links (Download: uploadbox) *Download: letitbit* [Download: depositfiles]